Longarm Services and Custom quilts

As of April 13, 2020

Our long armers are still hard at work!  

Quilt Drop off  Policy:

Complete Long Arm pink slip, which will be on a clipboard in the plastic bin.
Place quilt & pink slip in a bag, then put  in the plastic bin outside the back door.
Don’t forget to bring your own pen to complete form.
If you want to pick out a panto and/or thread, or need custom quilting the long arm quilter will call when that quilt is ready to be quilted.

Pick up Policy:

We shall call or email you when your Quilt is complete, process payment, and you can let us know which day you will pick up your quilt.  All quilts will be placed in a plastic bin outside the backdoor.
In the case of inclement weather call us from the back lot and we will come to your car.

Longarm Quilting:

We specialize in longarm quilting.  You can chooses one of our 75 pentagrams for edge-to-edge designs or a custom design for your quilt. Our longarm quilting staff will add the classic texture you seek for your creation. Turn around time is generally three-four weeks and the results are spectacular. We can also help you select a back.  All of our batting is 100% cotton, but wool is also available.
Come in to discuss your quilt with one of our professional quilters, Monday through Friday.


Looking for someone to create a custom quilt for you, for a family member, or as a
Call All About Quilts at 508-668-0145 for details about creating a t-shirt quilt, memory or memorial quilt, a clothing quilt or a custom quilt for any gift giving occasion.
Ask about having labels embroidered for your completed quilt.
Ask about having someone put on your bindings!