Longarm Services and Custom Quilts

Long Arm Deadline • October 31st • For delivery by December 22nd

Longarm Quilting:

We specialize in long-arm quilting.  You can choose one of our 76 pantograghs for edge-to-edge designs or a custom design for your quilt. Our long arm quilting staff will add the classic texture you seek for your creation. Turn around time is generally four to five weeks and the results are professional.  All of our batting is 100% cotton, but wool and polyester are also available.
Come in to discuss your quilt with one of our professional quilters, Monday through Friday.
We can also help you select a back, and if you wish, we will prepare your backing for a small fee. If you are preparing your own backing, please remember to add 6″ to the width and length of your back in comparison to the width and length of the quilt top. 

2024 Deadline Dates for Custom/Consignment Quilts Needed by a Certain Date

To be ready by:  May 1

All materials (t-shirts) need to be in the shop by:  March 1

To be ready by:  May 15

All materials (t-shirts) need to be in the shop by:  March 15

To be ready by:  June 1

All materials (t-shirts) need to be in the shop by:  April 15

Custom Quilts:

T-shirt or Memory Quilts

Looking for someone to create a custom quilt for you, for a family member, or as a gift?
Call All About Quilts at 508-668-0145 for details about creating a t-shirt quilt, memory quilt, a clothing quilt or a custom quilt for any gift giving occasion. Please keep in mind that it takes 7 to 8 weeks to complete a custom quilt. Thank you. 


We are always available to help you select just the right binding for your quilt. Ask about having someone put on your bindings! Please leave all the work to us. We will cut, iron and sew the binding on your quilt. Please be aware that the binding will take one additional week after the quilting is completed.