Classes & Marathons


Please check our calendar page for more specific information about dates, times, and our specialty classes. 


Individually inspired quilt projects with teacher support.

Our classes are held on a monthly basis so sometimes that means 3, 4 or 5 week sessions depending upon the month. When registering for a monthly quilt class, check your schedule and if you can't make every class we can pro-rate your cost. We ask that you continue to register for either a session or individual classes at the beginning of the month. Payment is required when registering to guarantee your spot in class.

There is a three (3) student minimum for evening classes. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, students will receive a full refund.

Make-up classes are not available.

No refunds will be issued for missed classes.

If a class is cancelled by AAQ, students will receive a 100% refund.

In case of inclement weather, call 508-668-0145 after 8:00am for morning class information and before 4 PM for evening class information.  

Class time is not always adequate for the completion of the project. Class materials should be purchased prior to the first class unless specified by the teacher.

Discounts:   A 10% discount is given on supplies while a student is registered in a class session, or for the fabric and supplies for a one-day class.  Exclusions apply for kits, handmade items and sewing machine accessories.

Please note:  We shall do our best to assist you, but we are not familiar with all sewing machines. It is important that you have a working knowledge of your machine.  Remember your foot pedal, power cord and instruction manual.

AAQ is providing cutting mats and irons. Please bring your own quilting supplies including rulers, rotary cutter, pins, snips, and thread, etc.

We appreciate your support of this incredible place where we all love to gather. 


Monday 10-1 or 6-9

Tuesday 10-1

Wednesday 10-1 or 6-9

Thursday 10-1 or 6-9

3 class session $54

4 class session $72.00

5 class session $90.00

Pro-rated Classes:

1 class out of a 3/4/5 week session = $21.00 
2 classes out of a 3/4/5 week session = $42.00 
3 classes out of a 4/5 week session = $63.00 
4 classes out of a 5 week session = $84.00

Private Lessons:  

1:30-3:30   $35.00 for 2 hours of private or semi-private lessons. Maximum 2 students per session.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  


Friday Marathons

There is a Marathon every Friday from 10-3 $30.

Come enjoy 5 uninterrupted hours of conversation and creative pursuit.

We open our space to participants on Fridays for independent work. However, there is a staff person available for questions if necessary, and of course, we love to give our opinion about fabric selection.

We have four 33 1/2″ high cutting tables with eight 24″ x’36” cutting mats available for your use. The tables can also be used for layering and basting your quilt. We have two large ironing boards with four irons for your convenience.

We have eight long sewing tables with spots for 15 sewing machines. It is rare that you actually have to share a table, so you may get lucky and have a table all to yourself.

Please remember to bring your cutting and sewing supplies. You are welcome to use our cutting mats, ironing boards, and irons.

We ask that you call ahead and register for the class or marathon that you wish to attend, so that we can guarantee your spot.

We have had great success with our Quilt Classes and Marathons and we are very grateful to all of our customers for their support.

Please check our Calendar page for more specific information, dates,times and our specialty classes.